Western Weather Supports Lake County Growers with Vital Data

The Lake County Winegrape Commission provides its members a wealth of weather information to make informed decisions. The weather station network in Lake County began in mid-1990 and has grown in size over the years. Most of the weather stations are located in or near vineyards and were installed by the team at Western Weather Group, a Chico, California firm, specializing in professional weather stations and weather forecasting.

The data from the weather stations can be viewed in several different formats on a PC, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity.

Web Page

The Lake Winegrape Commission weather web page contains the daily agricultural weather forecast for the growing region, satellite and radar information, climatic data as well as current and historical weather data from the network of weather stations. The “Weather Database” link allows a user to display the data from the weather stations in tabular or graphical formats as well as generate a climate summary and calculate degree days using the GDD Calculator for many phenology models. Below is a list of the different types of reports that can be created. The data can also be downloaded to the user’s PC in a PDF, Excel or CSV file format.

Western Weather graphic

Web App (Tabular Format)

The two Web Apps are available and both are designed to be used on a PC, tablet or Smartphone.

On the Web App with a tabular format (http://www.westernwx.com/mobile/?group=mlake) there is a down arrow at the top where a user can select what parameter they want to view. The Web App defaults to air temperature. In the spring time it is nice to be able to see what the minimum temperature was at all of the stations or in the summertime to be able to see the max temperature for all the stations in the growing region on a single viewing screen.

Western Weather graphic

By selecting the down arrow a menu pops up and any of the following parameters can be displayed for all of the stations. A user can click on a specific station to see the latest full weather observation.

Western Weather graphic

Web App (Google Map Format)

The Web App in the Google map format (http://www.westernwx.com/map/?g=mlake) plots the current air temperature, wind speed and wind direction for each of the Lake weather stations on a map of the growing region. A user can select in the upper right corner what parameter they want plotted on the map instead of air temperature by selecting a different parameter from the drop down list in the upper right corner of the screen.

Western Weather graphic

If a user clicks on a station on the map they will see the latest weather observation as shown in the example below.

Western Weather graphic

From the detailed weather box the user can click on the “7 Day Weather Summary” to see the last seven days of weather data.

Questions on the weather stations, the data, viewing the information or having a weather station in your vineyard can be directed to Western Weather Group at 530-342-1700 or info@westernwx.com.


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