Webinar: Strategies for Effective Water Stewardship

The Lake County Winegrape Commission virtually hosted a line-up of speakers on March 16 to share effective methods of water stewardship for the upcoming growing season. The speakers covered best management practices for frost protection, irrigation, and protection of Clear Lake hitch, as well as water use efficiency tools and resources.

To view each speaker’s presentation, select the corresponding link below.

Introduction by Noelle Cremers, Director, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, Wine Institute

Frost Protection Best Practices by Chris Chen, Integrated Vineyard Systems Advisor, University of California ANR – Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake

Irrigating Vineyards in a Changing Climate by Bryan Rahn, CP Ag/SS, CCA, Coastal Viticultural Consultants, Inc.

Voluntary Actions and Ongoing Relations with the State Water Board by Will Weiss, Assistant General Manager, Bella Vista Farming Co., LLC

Water Efficiency Tools and Resources by Allison Jordan, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Wine Institute Executive Director, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

NRCS Assistance Programs for Natural Resources Conservation by Erica Lundquist, Soil Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Alternately, the full webinar recording can be viewed in its entirety.

Thank you to all of the speakers and collaborating organizations that shared vital information regarding water stewardship.

State Water Resources Control Board Resources

The State Water Board is looking for ways to protect the Clear Lake hitch now and in the long term, including local voluntary actions to keep water in the creeks this year, obtaining data to better understand the problem and potential solutions, and collaborating to fund effective solutions and spread important messages.


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