Water Conservation Among Many Exciting Changes At Vintage Nurseries

As part of its new “Grower First” philosophy, Vintage Nurseries, part of the Roll Global organization, has already committed to over $4 million in renovations…with even more to come! Quality is at the heart of important upgrades such as new drainage in the grafting room, along with polished and sealed concrete to enhance washing and overall sanitation. They’ve also installed new air handling, humidity & temperature control systems and high-speed roll-up doors to seal the building for better temperature control and pest and pathogen prevention.

Nursery renovation, empty building


Vintage Nurseries is meeting the state drought head-on…with creative thinking that generates measurable results.  Vintage is saving over 18,000 gallons of water daily with an innovative new water reclamation system, thus introducing another way to conserve, through their cold storage facility, which defrosts its motors four times a day. Instead of allowing wasted run-off, they re-routed the defrosted water to two 10,000-gallon tanks, which pipe the water for other uses on the property such as dust control and field watering. That adds up to over 18,000 gallons saved every day and over the course of one year, will save up to 6,570,000 gallons of water.  “We consider that just a drop in the bucket of our long-term goals as we strive to take a leadership role with water meters and many other innovative conservation measures” said Dustin Hooper, Director of Sales for Vintage Nurseries. For instance, they’ve set a goal over the next 3 years of reducing water usage by a minimum of 25%.  This is in addition to what they are saving with the new water reclamation project.

Vintage has also constructed a new drainage system off of the greenhouse and shade house structures. In addition, it should reduce standing water, lessening the possibilities of bacterial and fungal issues and helping to maintain a clean, sterile environment.  In another effort to ensure cleanliness of the highest order, they’re rebuilding the shade house facility with concrete floors and upgrading the greenhouse with concrete flooring and new siding. When visitors stop by, they may also notice that they’ve painted and upgraded the existing main building and are building a new, larger shipping office as well!

Renovation equipment outdoors

In an effort to keep the staff happy and efficient, Vintage is building a new 5,000+-square foot break room for their personnel…complete with a modern kitchen, bathrooms and storage. And wherever possible, they’ve built in comfort and convenience features throughout the property to give their employees an opportunity to be the best they can be.

It’s just the beginning for the “New Vintage”.  “We’re proud to be part of a respected business group that also includes Paramount Farming, Paramount Farms, Paramount Citrus, Pom Wonderful, FIJI Water, Suterra, Teleflora, JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery, and Landmark Vineyards. Together, our family of businesses farms nearly 200,000 acres of grapes, pistachios, almonds, citrus and pomegranates,” said Dustin Hooper, Director of Sales. Vintage Nurseries will remain focused on grapevines…especially in the areas of vine health, product innovation and having the right product at the right time. And everywhere you look, you will keep seeing their bold, new “Grower First” service philosophy at work!

To reach Vintage Nurseries call 800-499-9019, or visit www.vintagenurseries.com and discover a whole new side of Vintage Nurseries!


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