Vintage Nurseries is Testing to Meet the Challenges

Vintage Nurseries is dedicated to supplying the cleanest materials as possible to the industry.  The nursery, an industry leader located in Wasco, California, is one of North America’s largest grapevine nurseries, with products ranging from field grown benchgrafts and natural rooted vines, to dormant field grown rootstock, custom grown dormants and Vintage Nurseries vineyard cuttings.

Comprehensive disease and pest control is a major element of Vintage’s success. The nursery aggressively tests its mother blocks and works hard with industry pathologists and experts to better assure cleanliness for known viruses, including the latest edition of Red Blotch Associated Virus (RBaV), which can impact grape quality. Vintage conducts unbiased third party testing above and beyond required industry standards as set in the California Department of Food and Agriculture nursery certification program. This helps give peace of mind to customers and ensures the cleanest product available.

Vintage Nurseries has also embarked on establishing a new 100-acre block of RUSSELL RANCH (2010 Protocol) materials. The 100 acres include the latest releases of rootstock and scion varieties that have tested virus-free for all known grape-related viruses.

Availability of plant materials in quantities to establish commercial vineyard plantings is still 1 to 2 years out, but gives Vintage the advantage of offering the very cleanest plant materials for vineyard establishment. The Russell Ranch materials, along with the company’s current tested product, will broaden the scope of clean plant material available to the industry. In fact, Vintage has some of the youngest mother blocks in the industry, providing yet one more safeguard against well-known pests and pathogens. This is so vital in a delicate profession where it’s a constant battle between growers and the elements.

Rootstocks are bred from wild grapevines in order to adapt to multiple variables including vigor, drought tolerance, pest resistance, lime tolerance and influence on maturity among other things.  The rootstocks that Vintage grows and sells, offer an excellent way to adapt to many different site conditions.  In contrast, vines grown on their own roots won’t have the same adaptability. That’s why choosing a correct and clean rootstock is so important.

Vintage offers approximately 26 different rootstock varieties, from Riparia Gloire and Saint George, to SO4, 140 Ruggeri, Schwarzmann, and many others to fit all vineyard sites.

“We are committed to preventive action on every level, from walking field observations and CDFA nursery program field-testing to implementing additional testing of all our foundation-certified source materials,” says Dustin Hooper, Vintage Nurseries sales manager. “As a result, we offer extensively tested materials ready for delivery in 2013 and dormant materials available for 2014.”

Hooper notes that Vintage Nurseries plant materials are grown in accordance to the California Grapevine Registration & Certification Program, administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

It’s always growing season at Vintage Nurseries, where Vintage’s reputation and customers are always the top priority. Call Vintage Nurseries at 800-499-9019, and discover how you can benefit from the Vintage Advantage!

26526 Isabella Parkway, Santa Clarita, CA 91351


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