Dr. Leo McCloskey

President and Co-founder, Enologix, Inc.


Leo McCloskeyLeo McCloskey’s Enologix, Inc. has received widespread national media coverage, including a recent New York Times Magazine article, “The Chemistry of a 90 (plus) Wine” (August 8, 2005). Dr. McCloskey’s primary expertise is in fine wine analytical chemistry, manufacturing and quality metrics; and ranges from determining style, quality and aging potential to optimum price and volume. He has developed the modeling by comparison of grape or wine chemistry to market and tasting metrics. He has focused in particular on the development and application of computational methods in these areas. In addition to spending the last 10 years developing quantitative models for determining quality, Dr. McCloskey has also been involved in the analytical chemistry methods for a wide range of compounds in grapes and wines and other tree systems. Dr. McCloskey has consulted for over 100 companies and is the co-author of over 21 technical publications, including this year, Soil and Winegrape Quality in Biodynamically and Organically Managed Vineyards