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Articles about businesses and organizations that support the Lake County Winegrape Commission.

Belkorp AG Continues to Put Customers First

Hard work and long hours seem to come with the territory when you’re a grower. If you’ve been at it for even a short while, you may have found yourself, on at least one occasion, just staring at the picking head of your harvester, or some other mechanism, wondering what’s caused the latest malfunction. As […]

Lincoln-Leavitt: An Insurance Agency with Vineyard Experience

Insurance agents, especially in rural areas, tend to serve a broad spectrum of clients. As a result they may know only a little about a lot of different businesses and industries. From a customer’s perspective, the opportunity to work with an agent who really understands your business can make a big difference. Agents who know […]

AG Unlimited Helps North Coast Growers Keep Grapes Healthy and Pest-Free

Mites, leaf hoppers, mealy bugs, and especially powdery mildew are a constant threat to the value of Lake County grapes. To fight these threats, many growers turn to agribusiness professionals and pest control advisors for advice and services. AG Unlimited is a North Coast agri-business company that provides services and products to organic and conventional […]

Precision Wireless Improves Communications and Operations for Lake County Customers

Employees at Lake County vineyards and wineries can face a number of challenges in communicating with one another, including distance, ambient noise, and adverse conditions. Quick, clear communications are imperative for operations to run smoothly. Two-way radios provide a fast, easy, and predictable alternative to cell phones, a fact well known by customers of Precision […]

Allied Grape Growers Helps Lake County Wine Growers Get a Fair Deal

Small and medium-sized winegrape growers in Lake County can face a number of challenges when selling fruit. In addition to finding buyers and getting accurate market information, they must negotiate prices, execute contracts, and collect payment. Few growers have the staff resources for these important tasks. The nearly 600 grower-members who are a part of […]

Redwood Valley Cellars Provides Custom Crush and More

As a winemaker at a custom crush facility, Owen Smith has seen it all—many different winemaking styles, diverse fruit from all over California. While these variables can be a challenge, Smith sees them as an opportunity: clients are constantly bringing new ideas and methods into his winemaking repertoire. “I have had customers come in and […]

Growing and Financing Your Wine Business

Financing a vineyard or a winery is typically high risk. Risk for the business owner. Risk for the bank. Risk with the weather. And risks with the market. The variables are numerous. Vineyard financing is typically dependent on vineyard management ability, parcel size, land prices, site, variety, financial position, earnings history of the owner, as […]

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