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PolarClad Inc., provides a highly successful, proprietary, tank insulation system, now in widespread use by scores of major wineries throughout America’s west coast. PolarClad also has the exclusive representation of Vinfoil — the world’s leading technology, computer-designed, to gently mobilize and mix any liquid, with much lower shear and energy usage, yet more rapidly, than any other conventional mixing system. Vinfoil, now recognized as the ‘gold standard’ in its field, has been adopted by many of the west coast’s most technologically sophisticated wineries and mores recently of interest to producers of spirits, juice and other high value liquids. For more information visit www.polarcladinsulation.com.

PolarClad and Vinfoil products are distributed through Advanced Beverage Technologies & Equipment (ABT&E).

Please visit our website to learn more: polarcladinsulation.com

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