Today, with a 27-acre site in Sonoma County’s Kenwood area, including 45,000 sq. feet of greenhouse space, plus a 90-acre increase block in Yolo County, Novavine offers unparalleled products and expertise with the goal of helping growers and vintners plant and develop top-notch vineyards.

In addition to offering a broad selection of rootstocks and clones from Foundation Plant Services (FPS) of UC Davis, Novavine secured exclusive propagation rights to Tablas Creek Vineyard Selection Rhone varietals here in California as well as other super-premium French and Italian clones through a cooperative effort with Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR), the world’s largest and most respected grapevine nursery based in northern Italy. Novavine’s pursuit of new and desirable clones continues today, with current efforts in Spain, Portugal and other renowned grape growing regions around the world.

In pursuit of unmatched quality, Novavine is proud to have pioneered a number of “pro-biotic” techniques to reduce chemical applications, ensure disease-free plants and encourage healthier vine growth. It’s all part of Novavine’s belief in an environmentally sustainable approach to viticulture — a powerful force that motivates the entire Novavine team every day.

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