Knights Grapevine Nursery

knights grapevine nursey
Rooted in tradition. Family owned. Family operated. Eckhard Kaesekamp is no stranger to the grapevine industry. With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Eckhard’s philosophy combines time-tested traditional vine growing techniques and the best of modern approaches to achieve the goal of a healthy, strong plant for your future. His commitment to customer service, affable personality, and experience make him the go-to person for your questions and concerns related to young vines.

Benjamin Kaesekamp is well equipped to manage the daily operations of Knights Grapevine Nursery. With his 11+ years of experience in the ins and outs of a nursery business, his knowledge helps grow truly strong, healthy plants. His international experience has lead him to combine the best methods and techniques to produce a seamless and efficient approach to producing great plants. We offer growers an exceptional selection of grape varieties, clones and rootstock as dormant bench grafts, and potted green vines.

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