Guillaume Grapevine Nursery


Guillaume Group has a worldwide reputation for high quality grapevine production, with more than 120 years of commitment to uncompromised quality and continued innovation.

Its origin goes back to 1895, when the Franche-Comté region had to rebuild its vineyards following the Phylloxera crisis. Albert Guillaume began grafting vines, setting up a nursery that sold planting material in several wine-producing regions of France. His knowledge and experience has been passed on from one generation to the next as the company has continued to evolve and develop, earning a name and ongoing recognition in the worldwide grapevine industry.

Following its expansion to South America, in 2008 Guillaume Company set up a subsidiary in the United States, Guillaume Grapevine Nursery, in order to work with North American grape growers, providing top-quality material and a well-recognized experience. In California, Guillaume Nursery’s proprietary clones, Entav, and 2010 protocol material have been become the industry’s trusted standard.

François Guillaume, president of Guillaume Grapevine Nursery, holds a PhD in agronomy, has a strong background in oenology, and is a specialist in grapevine production. After spending one year working in Guillaume’s Chilean subsidiary, François has spent the last three years in California, in charge of Guillaume Grapevine Nursery, where he has increased quality standards and implementation and improved productivity.

If you are looking for plants for new block establishment or replacement vines, we would be happy to provide you with our ENTAV and Californian Certified plants for your 2016-2017 projects.

You can visit our website to learn more or to contact us. Our vine expert will assist you in what best suits your site’s needs.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and to supply you with the strongest and cleanest plants for you projects.


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