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ConeTech provides an array of services to the wine industry including alcohol removal, smoke taint removal, VA removal, low and no alcohol product development solutions and, coming soon, crossflow services.

ConeTech, the world leader in alcohol and flavor management, was established in 1991 when it pioneered a process to gently remove alcohol from wine, a process that allowed the preservation of 100% of the wine’s original aromas and flavors, something no other de-alcoholization service can claim. Since the introduction of this service, the ConeTech process has become a standard winemaking tool for hundreds of winemakers around the world. ConeTech uses Very Low Temperature Distillation (VLTD) technology, first introduced with the Spinning Cone Column and now with their proprietary patented (GoLo™) technology, which delivers the same exceptional product quality with greater processing efficiency. Today ConeTech uses a combination of these and other complementary technologies.

ConeTech’s most recent innovation is the creation of a proven out-of-the-box methodology to remove free and bound smoke taint compounds. ConeTech employs a team of six dedicated winemakers, three food scientists, and a distillation expert, enabling expertise in multiple beverage categories including wine, beer, spirits, and sophisticated adult soft drinks.

ConeTech operates in four of the key wine growing regions including California, Chile, Spain, and South Africa.

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