The SOMM Journal: “The Lake County Eruption”

The Region’s Wines Rumble with Intensity and Elegance

The SOMM Journal article: The Lake County EruptionWriting in the October/November issue of The SOMM Journal, wine writer Randy Caparoso describes the Lake County region this way:

“These are true ‘mountain’ vineyards. Nearly all of Lake County’s vineyards are planted 1,330-3,000 feet above sea level and yield some of the most intense, singing, and elegantly structured wines in the New World, the Old World, or any world. …this region is just beginning to rumble, and forward-thinking sommeliers everywhere would be wise to take heed!”

The SOMM Journal is a nationally distributed magazine whose readers include wine buyers and sommeliers at on- and off-premise retailers in the country’s top markets. An article like this helps bring national recognition to the region. Read the full article (PDF)


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