Benmore Valley AVA

Benmore Valley AVA - Lake County
Located in southwestern Lake County, the Benmore Valley AVA is within a mountaintop valley that is much cooler than surrounding areas. Named for a 19th century cattle rustler, the Benmore Valley was established as an AVA in November 1991.

Elevation2,400-2,700 feet
SoilsThe appellation contains mostly alluvial (Manzanita loam) soils.
Acreage1,440 acres
ClimateSignificantly cooler than neighboring areas with little coastal influence and no fog. The region is the recipient of an annual average of 40-50 inches of rain.
VarietalsWhile Chardonnay was the grape of choice when the appellation was formed, Benmore Valley is not currently planted with vineyards.

Lake County AVA Map


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