Regenerative Pesticides

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Our regenerative pesticides have not only excelled in university field trials, they contain ingredients that are good for plants, with fatty acids, nutrients, antioxidants, and biostimulants like triacontanol (patented by Michigan State University), and carrageenan (a natural polymer derived from algae).  

All Phase contains the trusted food preservative potassium sorbate and combines it with carrageen.  Carrageenan has been shown in scientific studies to induce a plant immune response and to increase biomass.  All Phase at 0.33 lbs/acre combined with a wetting agent had a lower incidence and severity of powdery mildew on strawberries than 5 lbs/acre of wettable sulfur (2022 Cal Poly Strawberry Center Field Trial).  At this rate, All Phase is cost competitive with sulfur.   Sulfur is regenerative to a degree as it is an essential plant nutrient, but excessive sulfur use is degenerative to the air quality on and around your farm and possibly degenerative to streams.  Researchers from UC Berkeley have shown a statistically significant correlation between sulfur applications and degradation of air quality within a half mile of the farms making these applications.  All Phase can help farmers to economically reduce sulfur applications, thus improving air quality.  

Circadian Sunrise and Long Shadow combine essential oils with raw non-GMO corn oil.  Raw corn oil contains the biostimulant triacontanol, fatty acids (an energy source for plants), and antioxidant like Coenzyme Q and Vitamin E.   What other pesticides contain wholesome ingredients for your plants and farm?   And our essential oils target the nervous system of insects and mites in multiple ways, so they kill pests like an organophosphate without poisoning you.  These pesticides are also fungicides and can prevent and eliminate fresh powdery mildew.  Circadian Sunrise treated chardonnay grapes had no detectable signs of powdery mildew and also had significantly reduced bunch rot severity (2020 UC Davis, Plant Pathology Department Field Trials).  

All of our pesticides break down quickly in the environment, so when used as directed will not contaminate groundwater.

Contact us at with questions and sample requests.  Products may be purchased through our website ( or through one of our distributors.  If your local distributor isn’t carrying our products, be sure to get them on board.

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