Recap: 22nd Annual UCCE Lake and Mendocino IPM Seminar

Lake & Mendocino Counties IPM Seminar December 13, 2019

More than 60 growers, vineyard consultants, and pest control advisers gathered at the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center on December 13 for an update on a broad range of pest management topics at the annual UCCE Lake and Mendocino IPM Seminar.

The following speakers gave presentations:

  • Matt Daugherty, Ph.D., ag biologist with the Mendocino County Department of Agriculture, gave a presentation about the top 10 violations for 2018 from the California Department of Pesticide and Regulation (CA DPR). The talk covered the violations and how to prevent them, such as conflict with the label, PPE, handler decontamination facilities, and more.
  • Sarah Lowder from the Foliar Plant Pathology Lab at Oregon State University discussed powdery mildew (PM) resistance and rapid sampling techniques, including swabbing the gloves of fieldworkers. Many local PCAs worked with the UCCE office and OSU to sample for PM resistance in Lake and Mendocino Counties in 2019.
  • Bryan Rahn, pest control adviser with Coastal Viticulture Consultants, talked about spore trapping for early detection of powdery mildew in vineyards, which, coupled with PM modeling, might help reduce spray intervals for growers.
  • New UC IPM Adviser Cindy Kron gave presentations on new invasive insect pests of concern and vector research of Red Blotch Disease. Pests and vector talks included the brown marmorated stinkbug, spotted lanternfly, and three-cornered alfalfa hopper.
  • Steve Lindow, Ph.D., from the UC Berkeley Department of Plant and Microbial Biology talked about the final year of some local research on ice nucleating bacteria and frost control. He also spoke about novel approaches to controlling Pierce’s Disease in winegrapes. Karina Daniella Elfar Aedo and Marcelo Bustamante talked about grapevine trunk disease research and sudden vine collapse research.
  • UCCE Viticulture Advisor Glenn McGourty gave an update on the research being conducted related to smoke damage from wildfires, in partnership with the Lake County Winegrape Commission, UC Davis, analytical laboratories, and numerous growers/cooperators.
  • John Roncoroni spoke about a nuisance weed called sharppoint fluvellin (Kickxia elatine) and research on techniques to control it with a focus on organic control.
  • Michael Jones, Ph.D., UCCE Forestry adviser for Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma counties, talked about new pests and diseases affecting forest and landscape trees with a focus on pests that could become a problem for California, such as the emerald ash borer, goldspotted oak borer, and spotted lanternfly. He also discussed sudden oak death (SOD) and how it now has a California range from Del Norte to San Luis Obispo counties. The take-home message from his talk was “Don’t move firewood!”

The meeting provided a total of 6.5 CE hours for cardholders from DPR. Thanks to many sponsors of this event and those who helped put it on: UC IPM, UCCE Mendocino/Lake, Lake County Winegrape Commission, Mendocino County, Mendocino College, and UC HREC.


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