Press Release: Winegrape Commission Launches New Visual Identity

New Lake County Winegrowers Logo Represents Region’s Volcanic Soils, Mountainous Terrain, Sunlight

Kelseyville, Calif. October 19, 2020 – The Lake County Winegrape Commission today announced a new brand identity for the region’s winegrowers.

In the 10 years since the previous logo was created, the region has evolved and matured in important ways. Vineyard acreage has expanded. The reputation of its winegrowers has grown along with the quality of Lake County winegrapes. And it is increasingly seen as a premium winegrowing region with its own distinct identity, independent of its North Coast neighbors.

The new brand identity acknowledges this evolution and better reflects the region’s meaningful attributes. Specifically, the new logo affirms Lake County as a high-elevation, mountainous region dominated by young volcanic soils and luminous sunlight.

An additional locator tagline identifies the region as within California’s North Coast AVA and distinguishes it from the numerous other “Lake” counties across the country.

Lake County Winegrowers logo

“We recognized that the winegrowing region’s brand needed to more precisely represent what sets our region apart – the high-elevation mountainous landscape, the red volcanic soils strewn with obsidian and quartz, the luminous sunlight and cool evenings and the professionalism and agricultural heritage of our growers,” said Debra Sommerfield, President of the Lake County Winegrape Commission.

Designed for Trade and Consumers

The new logo was designed with several audiences in mind, including grape buyers and members of the broader wine trade, as well as wine enthusiasts and casual wine consumers.

With new ad campaigns running in Wine Enthusiast magazine and in Wine Business Monthly’s Daily News Email, the Lake County Winegrape Commission is promoting its new visual identity and refined messaging to both trade and consumers.

“Defining a new visual brand for a wine region isn’t an easy proposition in a world where it seems like every wine region is competing for consumer attention,” said Alder Yarrow of “But the Commission and its team are focused on the essence of what makes Lake County unique: volcanic soils and mountain fruit. Now all they have to do is let them shine.”


“Growers in our region work diligently to deliver high-quality winegrapes, and it is a joy to work on their behalf,” said Bonnie Sears, Chair of the Lake County Winegrape Commission. “We are honored to represent a group so dedicated to quality and sustainability.”

The Lake County Winegrape Commission would like to recognize the following individuals for their expertise in creating the new visual identity: Jason Wister of Pair Design, Cameron Mauritson of Thomas Mauritson Vineyards, Peter Molnar of Obsidian Wine Co., Bill Oldham of Oldham Vineyards and LCWC Marketing Committee Chair, Clay Shannon of Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, Alder Yarrow of Vinography and John Hyde of 26 Brix.

“We had a high-caliber team help us define and refine the brand identity,” Sommerfield said. “We’re grateful for their contribution.”

Learn More

As part of this effort to further refine LCWC’s messaging and visual identity, the Lake County Winegrape Commission is working with Wine Enthusiast to present a webinar on November 17 at 12 PM PT titled, Volcanic Wines – How Soils in Volcanic Regions Create ‘Intensity of Place’. Register to attend the webinar and learn more about the influence of volcanic soils on Lake County winemaking.

Download Media Kit

The new logo and other branded assets are available for download in the LCWC media kit. Visit the website for more information:


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