Precision Wireless Improves Communications and Operations for Lake County Customers

Employees at Lake County vineyards and wineries can face a number of challenges in communicating with one another, including distance, ambient noise, and adverse conditions. Quick, clear communications are imperative for operations to run smoothly.

Two-way radios provide a fast, easy, and predictable alternative to cell phones, a fact well known by customers of Precision Wireless Service, an affiliate sponsor of the Lake County Winegrape Commission. Precision Wireless provides two-way radios and services to growers and wineries in Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties. The company also serves industries such as hospitality, education, construction, law enforcement, and many others.

Sam Whitehead, the company’s owner and general manager, founded Precision Wireless in 1998 and has more than 35 years of experience in the two-way radio business. Mr. Whitehead explains that the company’s products are not the same quality as consumer hobby equipment or the types of two-way radios you find in big box stores.

“We provide industrial-grade, business-quality radio equipment and infrastructure that is durable and reliable,” states Mr. Whitehead. “An investment in two-way radios provides better communication, greater productivity, and enhanced safety.”

Supporting the Lake County Wine Industry

Precision Wireless became a sponsor of LCWC in order to spread awareness of the services it provides to Lake County wineries and vineyards.

“Two-way radios are an ideal fit for wineries and vineyards because they provide quick, efficient, instant communication, whether you are communicating to employees in separate warehouses or buildings, across vineyards, or across the state,” Mr. Whitehead says.

Why Not Use Cell Phones?

Easy-to-use digital two-way radios provide faster, more flexible ways to link personnel and coordinate activities than cell phones. The radios can help streamline day-to-day activities, reduce costs, and enable vineyard and winery managers to communicate with their personnel quicker and easier than cell phones. And because supervisors can hear what’s said over the radio, problems get solved faster.

Mr. Whitehead uses the example of pumping wine from one storage tank to another to illustrate one of the key benefits of two-way radios—quick communications.

“If a winery is pumping wine from one storage tank to another and there is a problem, the employee doesn’t have time to grab his or her cell phone, dial a number, and tell the person on the other end to stop. With a two-way radio, the employee can simply push talk and yell ‘Stop,’” says Mr. Whitehead.

Improved Communications and Operations, Reduced Costs

Whether in a vineyard or winery, two-way radios provide these benefits and many others:

  • Seamlessly link users located in separate, multiple facilities
  • Ensure clear audio in environments where constant ambient noise is a factor
  • Provide reliable connectivity where production line stoppage or vineyard work stoppage is not an option
  • Reduce operational costs and gain a quick return on investment
  • Reduce fuel and employee costs with tighter, better coordination of resources

Enhance Security and Safety

There are many practical applications of two-way radio technology for vineyards. These include: equipment maintenance and repairs; truck and equipment moving and dispatching; personnel locations and job tracking; frost season communications; harvest coordination and communications; and many others.

For wineries, applications for two-way radio equipment include: bottling, production, and distribution; warehouse operations and quality control; engineering and maintenance; customer service; winery events, tours, and tastings; and many others.

Learn More

Precision Wireless logoPrecision Wireless exhibits yearly at both Rootstock in Napa Valley and WIN Expo in Santa Rosa.

You can also find more information about the company’s products and services at its website:


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