North Coast Vineyard Services New Sponsor for Winegrape Commission

Susan Stout – Contributing Writer

Noth Coast Vineyard Services logo North Coast Vineyard Services LLC is delighted to become an affiliate sponsor of the Lake County Winegrape Commission. The company was founded by the Phillips family in 2008, and the current leadership of the company represents the seventh generation of Phillips family Californians.

“We have deep roots in agriculture and have been growing premium wine grapes in the mountains above Glen Ellen in Sonoma County for 30 years,” said Matt Phillips, operations manager for North Coast Vineyard Services (NCVS).  “We are dedicated to the land, good relationships with other growers, and increasing profits through sound, sustainable vineyard management practices and mechanization.”

In 2013, NCVS had the opportunity to work for two customers in Lake County. “We found our neighbors to the north to be hospitable, humble and gracious people,” said Phillips.

“We are a growing vineyard management company with an emphasis on custom farming with cutting edge mechanization as our specialty. We offer a variety of labor saving solutions to today’s vineyard operators. Our goal is to reduce cost to the grower, reduce the risk of exposure to worker’s compensation claims, reduce dependency on an ever-changing labor pool, and take some of the guesswork and chaos out of farming small to midsize vineyards in a competitive environment. We do this with a goal of maintaining or improving the quality of the end product.”

NCVS takes great pride in giving back to the veterans of U.S. military services by employing veterans whenever possible, Phillips added. These men are professional machine operators who communicate well with customers and treat each vineyard as if it was their own. “They go the extra mile for our company and for our customers.”

Phillips noted that NCVS owners have vineyards of their own. “We utilize all the vineyard management and mechanization practices we perform for our customers on our own vineyards as well. We do the experimentation on our own properties before we ever take the ‘newest and greatest’ items out to a customer’s vineyard. Our harvesters run in steep hillsides as well as flat ground. We are not afraid to tackle the challenging jobs.”

Additional information about North Coast Vineyard Services is available online:, or call (707) 527-5682 to make an appointment for a vineyard visit by NCVS.


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