April 2016 Newsletter

Microphone and six wine glasses with white wine set up in a technical tasting format

A Note from Commission President

Spring is in the air, and the ‘Momentum’ of Lake County’s wine industry continues to build. I hope you were able to attend Momentum this year – it truly was an insightful program with impressive speakers – including Andy Beckstoffer, Glenn Proctor, and Sunset magazine’s Sara Schneider. Be sure to read the article below and check out the speaker’s presentations posted on our web site.

And this just in… The California Department of Food and Agriculture released the annual Grape Acreage Report, which shows vineyard acreage in 2015 down slightly across the North Coast with the exception of Lake County, which showed an increase of 672 acres (or 7.6 percent) to 9,454 total acres.

Debra Sommerfield

Momentum 2016 Explores Opportunities for Lake County Wine Industry

Sauvignon Blanc was an important area of focus at Momentum 2016, Lake County’s annual wine industry seminar which took place at the Soper-Reese Theater in Lakeport on Wednesday, April 6. The sold-out event featured a lineup of prestigious speakers and industry luminaries, who took stock of the market for Lake County-grown winegrapes and offered insight into trends and opportunities for Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and other varietals grown in this part of California’s North Coast wine region. Read the full story >

Paul Wagner, Sara Schneider, Jim Gordon, Andy Beckstoffer tasting panel on stage at Momentum
Andy Beckstoffer said Lake County has an outstanding opportunity to become world-class “wine country.” (From left to right: Paul Wagner, Sara Schneider, Jim Gordon, Andy Beckstoffer. Photo by Nathan DeHart.)

Discount Available for Wines & Vines Oak Conference, April 27

Wines & Vines Oak Conference logo and register now button
Wines & Vines is hosting a conference on oak education and immersion for winemakers on April 27. Wine producers in the Lake County winegrape community can receive $50 off the $229 registration fee.

The all-day event will be held at Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. More information is available on the Wines & Vines flyer (PDF).

For questions, contact event manager Tina Verra: (415) 453-9700 or events@winesandvines.com.

Local Bat House Maker Works to Protect Animals

John Hathaway, owner of The Woodpecker, with some of his birdhouses

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about bats over the years. They’ve been made out to be horrible little critters,” says John Hathaway, owner of The Woodpecker, a new affiliate sponsor of the Lake County Winegrape Commission.

One word many use to describe the animals is “frightening.” Given the vampire lore and some species’ penchant for blood, it might not be a surprising descriptor, but it is undeserving, Hathaway says. Bats feed on mosquitoes, for one. They also provide a number of agricultural benefits, which makes them especially useful in Lake County. Hathaway makes the houses for everyone, farmers included, who may want to keep bats around, but don’t know how to build the homes themselves. “Bats do a lot of good. They kill a lot of the bugs that are eating crops,” Hathaway said. “They also pollinate some of the crops. They’re quite valuable in that respect.”

Read more about Hathaway, who makes bat houses and owl houses that could benefit the county’s winegrape-growing business.


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    Grower Conversation Series: Winegrape Wednesdays @ The Mercantile
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    Grower Conversation Series: Winegrape Wednesdays @ The Mercantile
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