State Water Board Workshop — How to Comply with Water Measurement Regulations @ Mendocino College, Round Room
    Apr 21 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

    State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board or Board) staff will hold an in-person workshop in the Clear Lake Watershed on how to comply with the Board’s surface water measurement regulations:

    Monday, April 24, 2023
    11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Mendocino College, Round Room, 2565 Parallel Dr., Lakeport, CA 95453

    The workshop will include presentations from State Water Board staff and opportunities for questions and discussion. Board staff will explain how the water measurement regulations work and provide guidance on how to submit data to the Board. Staff will also briefly discuss the process to register storage ponds.

    The State Water Board is looking for ways to protect the Clear Lake hitch, a large minnow found only in Clear Lake and its tributaries. Historically, the hitch likely numbered in the millions, but the hitch population has been declining for many years. Each spring, adult hitch migrate up Clear Lake tributaries to spawn before returning to the lake. Without enough water flowing during this time, the hitch cannot successfully spawn or return to the lake.

    The Board is taking multiple actions to protect the hitch including collaborating with local Tribes and agricultural groups to help keep water in the creeks and obtain data to better understand the problem and potential solutions. The Board is also focused on ensuring water use in the Clear Lake watershed is legal and compliant with the state’s measurement and reporting requirements. The Board relies on accurate diversion measurements and annual reports for water resource planning and to keep diverters informed, particularly in times of drought or when public trust resources, such as the Clear Lake hitch, are threatened.

    All surface water diverters must report their water use to the Board each year. Those who are authorized to divert more than 10 acre-feet per year must comply with the Board’s water measurement regulations, which require the installation of measuring devices and set standards for monitoring and reporting diversions of water (see Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations, sections 931 through 938). Board staff estimate that most surface water diverters in the Clear Lake watershed are out of compliance with at least one of these requirements. The purpose of the workshop is to help surface water diverts in the Clear Lake Watershed comply with these requirements.

    Participation Information
    To participate in the workshop, please join us at 11:00 AM at Mendocino College, Round Room, 2565 Parallel Dr., Lakeport, CA 95453 (Map). There will be plenty of time to ask questions. Additional workshops can be arranged if enough people are interested.

    Target Audience

    • Water right holders who
      • can divert more than 10-acre feet per year (riparian, pre-1914 appropriative, and post-1914 appropriative).
      • have more than 10-acre feet of storage capacity in a reservoir.
      • recently received a Notice of Violation for non-compliance with water measurement regulations.
    • Qualified Individuals” (defined by the measurement regulation)
    • Consultants who manage water rights or diversions
    • Diverters interested in small water right projects such as Small Domestic Use, Small Irrigation Use, or Livestock Stockpond registrations.

    Additional Information
    For information on the Board’s Clear Lake hitch response, please visit the Board’s Clear Lake Hitch webpage. This webpage is updated regularly.

    Water Measurement Regulations webpage with details on the regulations, steps to comply, technical resources, and previous presentations and workshops.

    Clear Lake Hitch Updates
    If you would like to receive email updates about the Board’s Clear Lake hitch efforts, please sign up for the email list at the bottom of the Clear Lake Hitch webpage.

    For assistance with the workshop, please email

    For assistance with measurement regulations and reporting, please email or call (916) 341-5300.

    Event Flyer

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    Momentum 2023 @ Soper Reese Theatre
    Jun 7 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Momentum 2023

    The Lake County Winegrape Commission is excited to announce a prestigious lineup of speakers for Momentum 2023. This popular wine industry seminar is presented for Lake County winegrape growers, wineries, and individuals interested in the industry.

    Wednesday, June 7, 2023
    1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Wine reception to follow.
    Soper Reese Theatre
    275 S. Main St., Lakeport


    • Wine Industry Market Trends, Christian Klier, Turrentine Brokerage
    • Lake County’s Volcanic Past
      • Michael Mitchell, Research Geophysicist, California Volcano Observatory, US Geological Survey
      • Jessica Ball, Volcanic Hazards and Communication Specialist, California Volcano Observatory, US Geological Survey
      • Seth Burgess, Research Geologist, California Volcano Observatory, US Geological Survey
    • Lake County Pruning School Showcase
      • The Simonit & Sirch Method, Jacopo Miolo and Jett Johansson
      • Moderated Grower Panel
        • Moderator: Jonathan Walters, Brassfield Estate
        • Bruce Merrilees, Owner, Castilleja Farms LLC
        • Tony Medina, Cache Creek Vineyards
        • Chris King, Catspaw Vineyard
        • Jacopo Miolo & Jett Johansson, Simonit & Sirch
      • FELCO tool demonstration, Jennifer Thompson

    No fee to attend, but registration is required. Please register one person at a time.


    Many thanks to Lake County Pruning School Affiliate Sponsors:

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