Lincoln-Leavitt: An Insurance Agency with Vineyard Experience

Insurance agents, especially in rural areas, tend to serve a broad spectrum of clients. As a result they may know only a little about a lot of different businesses and industries. From a customer’s perspective, the opportunity to work with an agent who really understands your business can make a big difference. Agents who know you and your industry are better able to advise you on protecting your investment, offer help in the event of a loss, and find specialty products for your particular situation.

For Lake County vineyards and wineries, Lincoln-Leavitt Insurance Agency embodies that experience and expertise. Located in Lakeport and serving Lake County since 1999, the agency provides insurance to families, individuals, and businesses. Winegrape growers can take advantage of products such as crop insurance, general liability, and coverage for their equipment, structures, and homes.

Tom Lincoln and Jill JensenAccording to co-owners Tom Lincoln and Jill Jensen, what makes Lincoln-Leavitt especially attractive to winegrape growers is their industry experience. Twenty percent of the company’s business comes from wineries and agriculture.

And Ms. Jensen herself has direct experience in vineyard ownership. “Until recently, I was a winegrape grower and a member of the Winegrape Commission,” says Ms. Jensen.

“As a former farmer and rancher, I know the needs of my fellow winegrape growers and I have a passion for helping them. I think some customers are very comfortable working with me personally because I was a grower—I have personal agriculture experience, which means my understanding is different than your average insurance agent,” she says.

Supporting the Lake County wine industry

The two owners have decades of experience. Mr. Lincoln has 40 years of insurance experience, and Ms. Jensen has been in the business for more than 20 years. Both feel strongly about supporting the Lake County Winegrape Commission (LCWC).

“We want to help and complement the work the commission does to promote the Lake County brand,” says Mr. Lincoln. Adds Ms. Jensen: “I believe in the work the commission does—from supporting growers to marketing efforts that grow the Lake County name.”

Lincoln-Leavitt offers products aimed at protecting growers when disaster happens and was heavily involved in providing services after the recent fires in 2015 and 2016. “We are proud of the services we provided to our clients who were affected by the fires, including winegrape growers,” Mr. Lincoln says.

Lincoln-Leavitt’s relationship with the Leavitt Group provides the agency with access to dozens of companies and their financial products so they can address specific needs among their clients—a key benefit to Lake County growers.

To learn more about the Lincoln-Leavitt Insurance Agency and its offerings, visit the agency’s website at or call 707-263-7162. Also, look for them at the LCWC Momentum conference in March.

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