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Harvest ’12 Wrap-up ~ Master Vigneron Completes Year One

Lake County Rising logoLake County Rising... In this edition… Harvest 2012 is in the books and though we won’t know everything for the next several weeks, early returns are good. Most are raving about the quality of the crop this year in Lake County and even the yields, earlier feared to be low, exceeded many expectations. We are all excited to taste the results of this year’s output as the hard work of winemaking goes forth.

As we celebrate our first Master Vigneron class, we are also excited to be welcoming a new class beginning soon that will come with more innovation as part of this critical sustainable winegrowing program. Lastly, we share an interesting fact coming from some of our recent Lake County Rising campaign survey work regarding the “value” of Lake County wines…

“Smiles” Seem To Be The Trend for 2012
Most growers and others are very enthusiastic about this year’s harvest…

Harvest workers at daybreakLake County, CA – Harvest 2012 is done and “there are smiles everywhere,” said Paul Zellman, Education Director for the Lake County Winegrape Commission (LCWC). “It was, largely, an ‘easy’ year.”

This is one of the most enjoyable times of the year – when all the hard work of harvest for growers draws to a close and folks can look back on a job well done. Overall, it has been an excellent harvest. Almost across the board, the take on quality has been good to exceptional. Some are calling it the best harvest in the region over the past several years.

Very few problems were encountered during the season, overall. “There were no real major climatic events that hit [growers] in the pocketbook,” Zellman continued.

Hand harvesting red grapes Hand harvesting grapes

Temperatures for ripening were very good, rain was not a big problem and the timing for picking most varietals was logistically friendly as far as accommodating grapes coming into the wineries for processing. Although, there were some concerns about low yields earlier in the season, it didn’t turn out to be nearly as dire as some feared. Some vineyards were down here and there, but not as bad as some recent years.

“Quantity, mainly, exceeded expectations,” said Zellman. “Also, since prices have been up somewhat, again, there are lots of smiles around here.”

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Master Vigneron Graduation & Year 2
Master Vigneron readies for the second class

Master Vigneron Logo Lake County, CA – As most of you know, Lake County is a leader in sustainability in the vineyard. Our goals for the coming years for utilizing the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance’s (CSWA) criteria for achieving certified sustainability in our vineyards are very aggressive. In addition, however, we are also making tremendous strides to lead the charge through innovation with our own program development. One of those programs is called “Master Vigneron.”

We have talked a lot about this program in previous editions (more, if you are curious or are new to hearing about the program, can be seen on our website.) Here at the LCWC, we firmly believe that this program is not just “complimentary” to sustainability, but rather, an integral part. We are about to embark on our second year of the program beginning in December with a new class of would-be Master Vignerons.

Our inaugural class will be celebrating their newly minted status at a special graduation ceremony taking place Thursday, November 15th at the Lakeport Yacht Club. We are very proud of this group, many of whom will be moving on to mentorship roles in support of the upcoming class. You can learn more about the first group here. We are looking forward to another successful year building on the hard work put forth by the students, LCWC Education Director, Paul Zellman, and LCWC board member Randy Krag. More innovations for this unique and valuable program will keep coming!

Lake County Wine Industry Factoid
Consumers praise the value of Lake County wines

Value diagram of Lake County winesLake County, CA – As part of our “Lake County Rising” campaign, in part, funded by a USDA/CDFA grant, we are conducting surveys with several audiences on various topics. We are in the process of completing the first round of this evaluation work, currently. Many interesting things are emerging as we look at the numbers. In coming editions of this e-newsletter, from time to time, we will throw out some interesting facts based on our findings. So, be on the lookout for that…

Up first, we surveyed hundreds of consumers on their perceptions and awareness of Lake County’s wine and wine industry. Of all consumers surveyed, 86.6% viewed the value (quality versus price) of Lake County wines were either good/above average or very good/excellent. We are pleased to see that so many folks who purchase wine agree with one our primary goals – provide a quality product at a great price.

Visit our website for much more. Our website, which can be seen here, has much more information on our region, our winegrapes and all of our programs and activities.
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