2019 Crush Report for Lake County

2019 Statewide Grape Crush Report Released, Lake County Winegrape Production and Pricing Remain Strong

  • Lake County average winegrape price more than double statewide average
  • Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon grape pricing third in the state for eighth straight year, increased by 11 percent, compared with 2.5 percent statewide increase

Kelseyville, Calif. March 10, 2020 – The release of the 2019 California Grape Crush Report shows the statewide winegrape crush totaled 3,919,146 tons, down 8.4 percent from 2018, and the Lake County crush totaled 47,246 tons, up 2 percent from 2018.

Lake County’s flagship variety – Sauvignon Blanc – saw an increase in tons crushed, totaling 15,952 tons, up 15 percent from 2018 (up 12 percent from 2017).

In terms of winegrape pricing, the 2019 statewide average price of all varieties (for non-related purchases) was $830.52, down 5.7 percent from 2018; in Lake County, the average price for all varieties was $1,802.56, more than double the statewide figure, and up 5 percent from 2018.

Pricing for Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon increased by 11 percent over 2018 to $2,474.61 per ton, with Lake County holding its price position at third in the state behind Napa and Sonoma for the past eight years. (The statewide average price for Cabernet Sauvignon was $1,767.37, up 2.5 percent from 2018.)

Statewide, red winegrapes totaled 2,157,061 tons crushed, down 11.9 percent from 2018, while white winegrapes totaled 1,762,085 tons, down 3.9 percent from 2018. In Lake County, red winegrapes totaled 27,507 tons crushed, down 4 percent from 2018, while white winegrapes totaled 19,738 tons, up 10 percent from 2018.

The annual Grape Crush Report is compiled and published by California Department of Food & Agriculture in cooperation with USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service and is available online at www.nass.usda.gov/ca

Download a printable PDF version of this press release.


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