Grower Spotlights

Bartolucci Vineyards

Ron and Deanna BartolucciThe Bartolucci family has been growing winegrapes in California since 1921. It was then that Andrea Bartolucci, who had emigrated from Italy only a few years before, purchased his first vineyard. Since then, a passion for the land and for winegrape growing has been passed down from generation to generation. Preserving and sustaining the quality of the land is something the Bartoluccis take very seriously. Read more about Bartolucci Vineyards


Luchsinger Vineyards

Bernie Luchsinger and Pilar Luchsinger White, by Nathan DeHartCultural experiences often have lifetime influences on people. For Bernie Luchsinger, owner of Luchsinger Vineyards (along with Pilar Luchsinger White), the social aspects of friends and family gathering to share a glass of wine, coupled with the widespread acceptance of wine as a social activity in Chile, where he was born, were factors that inspired his love and appreciation for wine and the wine industry. Read more about Luchsinger Vineyards.


Elk Mountain Vineyard

Percheron draft horse at Elk Mountain VineyardThis story, which brings together winegrapes and draft horses, begins with a married couple, the pursuit of a dream, a ranch in Alexander Valley, and four French Percheron horses that needed rescue. It’s the story of Elk Mountain Vineyard. “We purchased the ranch for the horses,” says Dana. As it turned out they had bought a vineyard with thirty acres of Sauvignon Blanc in a world-class region for the varietal. Read more about Elk Mountain Vineyard.


Schlies Family / Sandy Bend Vineyard

Schlies Sandy Bend VineyardIn 2006, Chris and Christine Schlies acquired nearly 30 acres (now Sandy Bend Vineyard) in Upper Lake, Calif. They have made a commitment to sustainable winegrape growing. The Sandy Bend Vineyard is located along Middle Creek in Upper Lake. It was previously a walnut orchard. Today it includes 4-1/2 acres of Muscat, about 1/2 – 2/3 acres of Sauvignon Musque, and a little more than 24 acres of Sauvignon Blanc. Read more about the Schlies family.

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The Future of Lake County: Vineyard and Grape Pricing Trends 9:00 am
The Future of Lake County: Vineyard and Grape Pricing Trends @ Lake County Winegrape Commission Office
Apr 26 @ 9:00 am
The Future of Lake County: Vineyard and Grape Pricing Trends @ Lake County Winegrape Commission Office | Kelseyville | California | United States
The final CDFA Grape Crush Report was released on March 9th and this year’s report shines a positive light on the Lake County wine industry. Clay Popko, Vice President of the Vineyard & Winery Group[...]