Weather & Climate Reports

These reports are written and published by Dr. Gregory Jones of Linfield College in Oregon. They provide a synopsis of recent weather conditions and trends with forecasts for the coming months.

November 2018
“November brought relatively mild conditions to the western US with much of the coastal areas, western valleys, and Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains seeing temperatures 0.5 – 4.8°F above normal, while the rest of the country was much cooler than average…” Download Report (PDF)

October 2018
“Overall a very nice October was had by the majority of the western US. A dominant ridge of high pressure brought a nearly three week stretch of moderately warm and dry conditions that allowed for a relaxed end to the vintage…” Download Report (PDF)

September 2018
“Much of Washington, Oregon, coastal California and the Bay Area and delta region had a cooler than average September. This was largely the result of the blocking ridge over Alaska that keep much of these areas with relatively cool air flow….” Download Report (PDF)

August 2018
“Compared to July, August temperatures moderated some ending up 1-2°F above average across many wine regions in the west. Areas in and around the Bay Area and the Northern California to Oregon coast continued to see average to slightly cooler than average conditions…” Download Report (PDF)

July 2018
“July 2018 will likely go down as one of the top five warmest July’s on record for many locations across the west. The only exception was the average to slightly cooler than average conditions in and around the Bay Area where continued strong coastal upwelling and cooler SSTs have predominated. Dry conditions persisted in the western US in July, fueling numerous fires in many states, and adding to long-term drought concerns…” Download Report (PDF)

June 2018
“Near normal temperatures were experienced over much of the western US wine producing regions in June, although Central to Southern California was cooler than average due to continued strong coastal upwelling that has kept coastal zones in California cooler than average….” Download Report (PDF)

May 2018
“May was much warmer than normal over much of the western US, although Central to Southern California was near average to cooler than average due to prominent marine layer intrusions. The month ended up being one of the driest May’s on record….” Download Report (PDF)

April 2018
“April had many wondering when the relatively cold and wet conditions would let up and a period in the third week in April did not disappoint. While the month felt cool, it was actually near normal to warmer than normal across the vast majority of the west…” Download Report (PDF)

March 2018
“A near ‘Miracle March’ played out, bringing cooler and wetter conditions to the majority of the western US. Decent snowpack development lowered drought conditions temporarily but not enough to make up the dry winter so far….” Download Report (PDF)

February 2018
“Short term forecasts call for more late winter, early spring rains and snowpack additions at least through the third week of the month. Temperatures are expected to stay cooler than average….” Download Report (PDF)

January 2018
“For the majority of the month of January the persistent ridge of high pressure over the eastern Pacific continued bringing warm and dry conditions throughout the western US…” Download Report (PDF)

December 2018
“Across the west temperatures were largely cooler than normal in the valleys and warmer than normal in the higher elevations. This is due to higher pressure causing stagnant air…” Download Report (PDF)

November 2017
“November was relatively cool and wet from central California throughout most of the PNW, while warm and very dry from southern California across into the Great Basin and Rockies…” Download Report (PDF)

October 2017
“October was relatively cool and wet north, while warm and very dry south. Dry conditions and high winds fanned devastating fires across California…” Download Report (PDF)

September 2017
“September 2017 in the western US was fairly typical for the onset of fall. Harvest during the month was in a start, stop and wait mode up and down the west coast, with weather conditions not forcing the issue in any dramatic way…” Download Report (PDF)

August 2017
“A hot, dry and unstable ridge of high pressure maintained its grip over the western US during August – the result was multiple heat waves and a forecast that held true across the west…” Download Report (PDF)

July 2017
“July largely held true to forecast, although it ended with the start of one of the most extreme heat waves in decades in the PNW. Overall July ended up generally warmer than the 1981-2010 average for the majority of the western US…” Download Report (PDF)

June 2017
“The heat was on in June … partially. After a very cool period around the 10th of the month, conditions changed rapidly with a warm up that saw the first major heat spike of the year between June 16-19. The majority of the western US ended up warmer than normal during the month of June…” Download Report (PDF)

May 2017
“The month of May brought warmer conditions, but more importantly no major frost impacts. The warm up along with plenty of soil moisture has brought a flush of growth with most regions reporting average to slightly ahead of average vine growth, but still behind the past few years…” Download Report (PDF)

April 2017
“Cool and relatively wet conditions continued throughout the western US in April. The general pattern in temperatures in April was cooler than normal from central California eastward to Utah and northward into nearly all of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho…” Download Report (pdf)

March 2017
“The general pattern in temperatures for the western US in March was largely warmer than normal except right along the coast in Northern California and Oregon as well as throughout much of Washington…” Download Report (pdf)

February 2017
“February precipitation amounts continued to be wetter than average conditions in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Rockies, with many areas seeing 150% to over 300% of normal for the month…” Download Report (pdf)

January 2017
“What a difference from last year at this time. Temperatures in January and February 2016 were 2-6°F above normal across the west while January 2017 ushered in one of the coldest winter months in a while…” Download Report (pdf)

December 2017
“After the past two Decembers, where temperatures over most the western US were much warmer than average, December 2016 brought generally cool to cold conditions. This was especially evident across the Pacific Northwest…” Download Report (pdf)

November 2016
“After an October that felt more like November, we just finished a November that felt more like October! All-time records were set for the month of November in many locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah,…” Download Report (pdf)

October 2016
“After a year where we were seemingly off by a month in terms of temperatures (March was more like April, June was more like July, September was more like October), October in the west felt much more like a November…” Download Report (pdf)

September 2016
“A transition to a fall circulation pattern in the North Pacific brought generally cooler than anticipated temperatures to the west. Portions of California and Nevada saw conditions slightly above normal (0-2°F)…” Download Report (pdf)

August 2016
“With school and football season starting, a hint of fall is right on time and the transition has started. But first let’s look back at August…the month lived up to the forecast in some ways but differed in others…” Download Report (pdf)

July 2016
“The month of July saw the continued flip, flop of the western US temperatures. It was warm early, very cool in the middle of the month and then very warm toward the end of the month…” Download Report (pdf)

June 2016
“Well here we are in July and it feels and looks like April! June 2016 was a month of three swings, very hot early, very cool in the middle of the month and then near average toward the end of the month…” Download Report (pdf)

May 2016
“May 2016 continued the warm trend for portions of the west, while providing some relief for others. The month ended up warmer than average from northern California throughout much of Oregon, Washington and Idaho…” Download Report (pdf)

April 2016
“Overall April ended up much warmer than average over most of the western US, especially Oregon, Washington and Idaho where temperatures 5° to 7° F above normal were experienced in wine regions…” Download Report (pdf)

March 2016
“Much of central California north into Oregon and Washington saw conditions that were 0.5°F – 2.0°F in most locations while portions of the southwest and into the Rockies and Great Plains were 3°F – 8°F above normal…” Download Report (pdf)

February 2016
“The second half of winter has been a tale of two periods, generally warm and dry in February and warm and wet in March, but not as we would have expected. The last 30 days have seen 150-300% or more of normal precipitation in some areas…” Download Report (pdf)

December 2016
“Finally a winter; relief from the drought but too much, too quickly for some. Temperature patterns were flipped in December with the PNW and northern Rockies seeing slightly warmer than normal conditions…” Download Report (pdf)

November 2015
“The first month of winter has come and gone with November bringing the western US its first widespread cooler than average month in a long time. Relatively cold conditions for this time of year settled in…” Download Report (pdf)

October 2015
“While the growing season was effectively over by the first of October, the month continued to add to the overall warm and dry conditions in the western US. The coolish September gave way to a very warm October…” Download Report (pdf)

September 2015
“As harvest winds down, the month of September provided a very nice end to the season. Temperatures cooled to near normal, especially at night, but rain mostly stayed away…” Download Report (pdf)

June 2015
“June 2015 was hot! While May provided temperatures closer to normal, June brought record breaking heat to many locations, and conditions do not appear to be letting up any time soon…” Download Report (pdf)

May 2015
“May 2015 did not hold completely true to the forecast with a long-lived, fairly rare event playing a big role in the weather experienced over the west coast and Great Basin…” Download Report (pdf)

April 2015
“After a run of five months of extreme record warmth over the western United States (2-8°F above normal), a cool late March lead into an equally cool early April that brought conditions back to near normal….” Download Report (pdf)

March 2015
“The western United States recently posted its warmest winter on record. Each winter month was warmer than average at almost every California, Oregon, and Washington long term recording station….” Download Report (pdf)

February 2015
“The general forecast given in the fall of last year for this winter has more or less materialized over the entire US. The country continues to experience the dramatic east-west differences due to the strong and persistent ridge in the west (warm, dry) and equally strong and persistent trough in the east (cold, snow)….” Download Report (pdf)

November 2014
“As I write this the west coast is about to experience one of the strongest storms it has seen in three years or more. The forecast for moderate to heavy rain runs nearly the entire length of the west coast…” Download Report (pdf)

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