G3 Enterprises Transports 36% of California’s Winegrape Harvest

G3 Enterprises logoG3 Enterprises is an industry-leading packaging, bottling, and logistics provider offering exclusive products and services in the following areas: custom and stock closures, label printing, warehousing and third-party logistics, transportation, full-service bottling (onsite and mobile capabilities), glass distribution, and bottle etching and decorating. G3 is the exclusive North American distributor of the distinguished DIAM cork for still wine and Mytik DIAM® cork for sparkling wine, Boisé premium oak chips and staves, and the one-way petainerKeg™.

The G3 Ag hauling team manages the largest fleet of gondola trailers in the wine industry. Working with wineries and growers throughout the California wine regions, G3 has transported 1.4 million tons of grapes, representing 36% of California’s winegrape harvest. The company provides flexible solutions to help wineries and growers maximize efficiency via multiple size of bins (6 ton, 2 ton and 1/2 ton), multiple types of trailers (gondolas and flatbeds), and a “Shuttle Drop” program. The G3 Ag team is engaging in the industry conversation, proactively invests in new technologies, and meets compliance mandates.

G3 Enterprises Ag Hauling

In addition, G3 provides value-added manufacturing services such as bottling line checkups and setups. As an industry leader in oxygen management, the team specializes in oxygen management in packaging components including cork, cap, glass, box, single-serve, and PET kegs. The company also offers process modeling and optimization using advanced analytics, and it provides consultation and testing for all its packaging.

Learn more about G3 at G3Enterprises.com or schedule your harvest planning or technical services needs at G3.Info@G3Enterprises.com.


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