G3 Enterprises Introduces Oak Alternatives

G3 Enterprises has expanded its product offerings to include an oak alternative product line called Phenesse™, which is designed specifically for the U.S. market. The raw material is sourced from high-quality oak forests and manufactured by a reputable French oak company. The wood selection and toasting methodology (extra-long toasting cycles, softer profiles) ensure high quality and consistency at a great price.

Phenesse staves consist of 2 types of 11mm tank staves: Phenesse Medium Long French Oak and Supreme French Oak. The Medium Long French Oak 11mm has a sweet, balanced and elegant profile that adds volume and creamy sensations while the Supreme French Oak 11mm has a sweet, toasted and elegant profile that adds length and roundness.

Phenesse chips consist of 2 types of chips, Traditional French Oak and Lush Blend French and American Oak. Tradition French Oak is a quintessential French-style oak chip that adds volume, structure, and length. Lush Blend is a nuanced blend of French and American oak for balanced tannins; it adds a powerful expression of sweet and fruity notes with round mouthfeel.

For samples or to learn more, contact G3 Enterprises at https://www.g3enterprises.com/g3-oak-alternatives

G3 Enterprises Phenesse Oak graphic


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