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Growing winegrapes is a passion. There’s no question that long hours in the field and sleepless nights worrying about frost or rain or fire are acts of true commitment. But passion can take you only so far.

Winegrape growers also have to be good business people, networkers, and market researchers. Unfortunately for most growers, those parts of the job are not nearly as exciting.

That’s where the Ciatti Company can play an important role, says Glenn Proctor, a partner at the company, a global wine and grape broker. “Being a good business person means understanding what’s going on in the marketplace and having knowledge of potential customers, suitors, or other people the grower could be working with in their business. That’s information we provide to buyers and sellers.”

Ciatti Company sees this need for industry understanding as so important that its stated mission centers on bringing its clients precise and timely market knowledge, expertise in inventory management, and a level of ethics unmatched in the industry.

For some, the perception may be that a broker’s job is only to serve as the market maker for buyers and sellers of grapes and bulk wine. By contrast, Glenn and his five partners look to add value to every one of their relationships. He notes that Ciatti, which has a presence in eight countries, has become an information hub for growers and sellers in the industry. “We look at our role differently,” he says. “We work as closely as possible with the suppliers and the buyers to provide insight on market dynamics as well as present options in their decision making.”

Glenn also notes that as brokers, the company does not own a stake in either the buying or selling position, making it possible to bring about agreements that are favorable to both sides, for the short term and the long term.

Assisting in the growth and maintenance of individual brands as well their respective appellation is another focus for Ciatti. As a local example, Glenn draws upon the reputations of Lake County growers and suppliers for understanding the needs of their customers, which has boosted the region’s popularity among wineries looking to expand their business.

He explains: “There’s an interesting dynamic where many wineries interested in Lake County aren’t necessarily located there. We see Lake County products used in the North Coast, for instance, or even used in dual appellation programs.” He estimates that somewhere between 50 percent and 60 percent of the transactions Ciatti brokers on behalf of Lake County growers are with wineries outside of the area. This is something the company is able to help with, he says, because of its long standing relationships across the state and the deep industry knowledge of each of the company’s partners.

Ciatti Company Global Market Report March 2017Ciatti has committed to regularly publishing reports that have come to be standard sources of industry data and statistics. Some of these, like its Global Market Report which provides insight on average prices, volumes, and trends for most of the major wine growing regions around the world, can be found on the company’s website. It also publishes more regionalized information in its “California Wine Report,” and the Ciatti “Quarterly Bulk Wine Report” is used by banks and financial institutions for understanding values of bulk wine.

Glenn sees the reports that the company publishes and its participation in industry events like Lake County’s Momentum Seminar Series as additional ways to build relationships that are critical to success in this business. He encourages all growers and buyers to give him a call or visit one of the Ciatti’s offices. We’re happy to share opportunities or ideas and see if we can help,” he says.

Momentum 2016, Glenn Proctor, Ciatti
Glenn Proctor, speaking at Momentum in 2016


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