Innovating Water Management for Practicality

For all vineyards, water stands as a vital factor in determining success. Water provides essential nutrients and regulates temperature that’s crucial for grapevine growth and quality. However, efficient water management often presents challenges for growers. HotSpot AG steps in by addressing unique and common issues that vineyard owners encounter. From labor shortages to resource management, […]

Why Leading Winegrowers Choose American AgCredit

American AgCredit is a leading provider of loan, lease and risk management products, each customized to the unique needs of farmers and ranchers. We have the competitive rates and unmatched service of a Farm Credit lender with a local team that truly understands the wine industry and the financial needs of growers in Lake County.  […]

Regenerative Pesticides

Our regenerative pesticides have not only excelled in university field trials, they contain ingredients that are good for plants, with fatty acids, nutrients, antioxidants, and biostimulants like triacontanol (patented by Michigan State University), and carrageenan (a natural polymer derived from algae).   All Phase contains the trusted food preservative potassium sorbate and combines it with carrageen.  […]

Capital Strategies for Your Wine Business

Whether you’re investing in land to plant a vineyard, finding a way to cover operating costs while your wine ages in barrel, or looking to update your equipment or facilities, the wine business can be a capital intensive endeavor. As your financial needs shift throughout the growing season, it’s important to find a financial partner […]

Utility Rate Selection

Save money and make the best selection for your 3/22 PG&E AG rate reset Rate Selection | Time of Use | Energy Accounting | Pumping Efficiency PG&E opens AG utility meter rate plans to new selection in March of every year. A grower chooses a plan that best suits an operation. Rates plans vary in […]

Amie Steimle from Sunridge Nurseries

Sunridge Nurseries Announces New North Coast Vineyard Representative

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. (April 8, 2021) – Sunridge Nurseries Inc. is proud to announce that Annie Steimle will be taking a new position within the company. She is moving from her current position as Technical Services Manager to Vineyard Representative for Northern California. Annie’s previous position with Sunridge included building a customer service platform that includes […]

TerrAvion Accelerates Growth with Opening of New Office in Sonoma, California

New office expansion enables TerrAvion to accelerate growth and increase its focus and support of one of the most important vineyard regions in the world TerrAvion, the leading provider of high-resolution subscription aerial imagery, recently opened a new office in Sonoma to accommodate its rapid growth and a strong focus on supporting viticulture. The new […]

Santa Rosa lab ConeTech (by Kent Porter, The Press Democrat)

Santa Rosa Lab, ConeTech, Pioneers Way to Remove Smoke Taint from Wine

The North Coast wine sector is grappling with the lingering effects of 2017 wildfires, especially after a harvest last year marred by smoke taint in grapes among the vineyards in Lake and Mendocino counties. The threat of wildfires is not going away. Growers can try to mitigate risk through crop insurance, but that still is […]

Agriculture Financing: Understanding the Basics of Your Financial Statements

Operators can benefit from a better understanding of their financial situation By Clay Popko, Vice President, Vineyard & Winery Group, American AgCredit You may know if your agricultural operation is making money or not, but do you know how profitable it is? For example, how much do you profit per acre of wine grapes? If […]

Wonderful Nurseries Production Facility

The Wonderful Company Aims for 100% Renewable Power

California-based The Wonderful Company has announced its intention to use 100% renewable electricity in its U.S. operations by 2025, following a path that began in 2007 with a ground-mounted solar installation. At the time that installation was the largest privately held single-site solar plant in the U.S., generating nearly 15% of the required energy at […]


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