Bodkin Wines Makes a Sauvignon Blanc That Sparkles

Can sauvignon blanc made into a sparkling wine be any good? You bet. Bodkin Wines has released the refreshing Blanc De Sauvignon Blanc Cuvee Agincourt, which upends expectations, just as the outnumbered English did when they defeated the French with their bodkin-pointed arrows against overwhelming odds in the battle of Agincourt in 1415. The grapes, sourced from the Russian River Valley and Lake County, make what Bodkin claims is the first and only sauvignon blanc sparkling wine. It’s light, refreshing, citrusy and a bit tart, just like sauvignon blanc.

The winemaker >> Christopher Christensen approaches winemaking with a funny, bracing attitude and a love of history. It couldn’t be more charming. His motto, “We few, we happy few” is taken from Shakespeare’s “Henry V,” and many wines are named for historical events. Christensen also produced sauvignon blanc, Muscat canelli and zinfandel. Take a cruise around his website just to enjoy his witty writing.

Why I like it >> This sparkling wine pierces like an arrow, clean and refreshing on the palate. Golden in color, aromas of apples and peach rise with the small fine bubbles. Flavors of green apple, pear, citrus, and a hint of vanilla are matched with lively minerality. Bright tartness will make the sparkler a great summer wine.

Pair it with >> Brie, fruit, appetizer plates, or by itself.

Cost >> $23

Tasting room >> None

Details >>

By Stacey Vreeken, Santa Cruz Sentinel


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