AG Unlimited Helps North Coast Growers Keep Grapes Healthy and Pest-Free

Mites, leaf hoppers, mealy bugs, and especially powdery mildew are a constant threat to the value of Lake County grapes. To fight these threats, many growers turn to agribusiness professionals and pest control advisors for advice and services.

AG Unlimited is a North Coast agri-business company that provides services and products to organic and conventional orchards and premium winegrape growers. Started in 1988, the company provides pest protection for 80 percent of the winegrape acreage in Lake County. AG Unlimited helps winegrape growers and managers monitor and treat changing plant and pest conditions through its full-service pest management and plant protection services.

Supporting the Lake County Wine Industry

Bill Oldham is a location manager and pest control advisor for AG Unlimited in Lakeport. With 33 years of experience, his role includes scouting fields, setting up pest prevention programs, and working with growers to develop spray programs.

Mr. Oldham says his staff at AG Unlimited add significantly more experience and are well-respected throughout Lake County. Jeff Gleaves works closely with winegrape growers and covers much of the grape acreage in Lake County. Additionally, Mike Boer spends one day a week in Lake County assisting winegrape growers. Lindee Jones and Mike Fidler joined AG Unlimited last year and round out the team’s experience.

Mr. Oldham is also on the board of directors for the Lake County Winegrape Commission (LCWC) and is a grower himself, with 15 acres. He says that his company became an affiliate sponsor of the LCWC to support the wine industry, which he believes is vital to the county and to his company. “At AG Unlimited, we truly want to help the commission reach its potential. Anything that is good for the wine industry in Lake County is good for our business as well,” Mr. Oldham says.

Consulting Services and Retail Stores

AG Unlimited helps winegrape growers through its services and also its retail locations. In addition to integrated pest management, the company provides reviews of plant health, growth, and development; sampling and analysis; and nitrogen-fixing cover crops.

“In the last 20 years, cover crops have become more popular,” says Mr. Oldham. “We do a fair amount of cover crops in the fall, especially in the high elevations where soil erosion is an issue. It’s become a good part of our business.”

AG Unlimited also has four retail locations, which give Lake County grape growers access to equipment, fertilizers and preventative chemicals, dry spreaders, compost, lime, gypsum, ejection pumps, and more. The warehouses are located in Geyserville, Lakeport, Sonoma, and Ukiah.

Learn More

For more information about AG Unlimited and its products and services, please visit the company’s website at, give them a call, or visit the company at industry events such as Momentum and WIN Expo.

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