Ed Wallace, Calpine Employee, Donates $2,500 to #LakeCountyRising Fire Relief Fund

Lake County, Calif., September 2, 2016 – Organizers of the #LakeCountyRising fundraising effort received a generous $2,500 donation today from Edward Wallace, a Calpine employee.

Wallace recently received Calpine’s prestigious ASPIRE award for his passion and dedication at work. This national award was given to three recipients across Calpine’s fleet of 84 power plants. Wallace, a resident of American Canyon, is an Operator Technician III at Calpine’s Wolfskill Energy Center in Fairfield, California. As part of the award, Wallace was given $2,500 to donate to a charity of his choosing.

When hearing about the fire from fellow ASPIRE award winner, Calpine Geysers employee Matthew Smith of Cobb, Wallace instantly decided on #LakeCountyRising as the organization for his donation. “I am extremely moved by the spirit and optimism shown by folks in Lake County,” said Wallace. “I am hopeful that this donation will help the impressive recovery efforts already underway.”

Lake County’s Matthew Smith was also an awardee for his calm leadership during the Valley Fire. He was on duty the night the fire swept through The Geysers area and made critical decisions, minute-by-minute during the ordeal, even as he faced the fact that his own home had been destroyed by the fire.

“I am so touched by the generosity of this donation,” said Terry Dereniuk, Executive Director for Lake County Winery Association, which received the funds for #LakeCountyRising. “The fires in 2015 and the most recent Clayton Fire have left behind huge disruption in the lives of so many people. Funds raised by #LakeCountyRising have helped with the rebuilding process where other funding sources were not available.”

Calpine was an early supporter of #LakeCountyRising through a $15,000 initial donation and subsequently hosted a successful fundraising golf tournament resulting in an additional $15,000 donation.


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