Lake County Terroir
Master Vigneron Academy
Lake County Terroir
Lake County’s intensity of place – climate, soils, and sunlight – produces grapes and wines of compelling quality and character.
Master Vigneron Academy
Demonstrating innovation and leadership, the Lake County Master Vigneron Academy™ is the only program of its kind in the US.
Lake County growers are leaders in sustainability, focused on quality, industry-leading viticultural practices, and widespread vineyard certification.
Visiting Somms Impressed by Lake County
For three days in early June, 16 sommeliers from major restaurants around the US attended Lake County SOMM Camp. This event offered a unique opportunity to provide key influencers in the wine trade with a first-hand experience of the region's wines, winemakers, winegrape growers, stunning landscape, and burgeoning food-and-wine scene. Somms toured vineyards, spoke with growers and winemakers, participated in technical tastings, and attended presentations from leaders in the Lake County wine industry.
Lake County SOMM Camp 2017
UPDATE: June Grower Newsletter is now published: Somms impressed by Lake County. Wines in the news. Viticulture classes. Grower spotlights. LEARN MORE

Discover Lake County

Known as “The Mountains of the North Coast,” Lake County is an exciting high-elevation wine region located in Northern California’s prestigious North Coast appellation. What makes this area so special?

Momentum 2017 Highlights

This must-attend event for the Lake County winegrape industry took place on March 23 at the Soper-Reese Theatre in Lakeport. Visit the Momentum 2017 page to view more videos from the event.

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For growers, weather is ongoing topic of discussion – and for good reason. Daily and seasonal weather conditions have a significant impact on vineyards. To help you stay informed, the Commission provides a number of resources, from the Western Weather Service to monthly climate reports. Read More

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