Lake County Terroir
Master Vigneron Academy
Lake County Terroir
Lake County’s intensity of place – climate, soils, and sunlight – produces grapes and wines of compelling quality and character.
Master Vigneron Academy
Demonstrating innovation and leadership, the Lake County Master Vigneron Academy is the only program of its kind in the US.
Lake County growers are leaders in sustainability, focused on quality, industry-leading viticultural practices, and widespread vineyard certification.
The Producers Behind California’s Volcanic Wines
With the current buzz around “volcanic wines,” the possibility that Mount Konocti or any surrounding cinder cones could erupt after 11,000 years may just be a boon for the image of Lake County wines. The imprint that the region’s rocky, gravelly, volcanic soils makes on the wines of Lake County is impossible to ignore. While broad-stroke assertions that the wines taste like volcanic ash, iron or salt don’t apply, the final bottlings do have unique characteristics due to the region’s difficult conditions and high-elevation vineyards. Owners, winemakers and vineyard managers from four of the highest-rated estates in this Northern California region share how they tame the wild, unforgiving hills of Lake County and craft wonderful wines.
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Discover Lake County

Known as “The Mountains of the North Coast,” Lake County is an exciting high-elevation wine region located in Northern California’s prestigious North Coast appellation. What makes this area so special?

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